Complete Oil & Gas Support

Photo depicting a newly constructed oilfield structure.Reward Oilfield Services provides experienced, cost-effective construction, repair, and maintenance services for oil & gas pipelines and other oil & gas facilities throughout northern BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. From site preparation through to ongoing maintenance, we can ensure that your facility has the smoothest possible operating life.

All the Core Competencies in One Place

Wouldn’t it be great to find one contractor who can take care of all your oil & gas construction and maintenance needs—so you can forget about them?

Reward can do that for you. Because we specialize in oil and gas, we offer one-stop-shopping for all the major core competencies you’ll need to construct, repair, and maintain your oil & gas assets.

No more calling around to find multiple contractors—we’ll take care of the project management, too. Reward provides end-to-end service in:

  • Facility construction, repair, shutdown, and maintenance
  • Pipeline construction, repair, and maintenance
  • Site cleanup and oil spill cleanup

Star showing benefits of Reward's serviceIf you already have some contractors or crews in place, we’ll fit into your project plans to provide just the component services you require.

  • 24/7 service
  • COR Certified (see all our Certifications)
  • Flexible, cost-effective solutions
  • Proven track record of quality results

If you’re looking for a contractor with the potential to contribute to your oil & gas operations in many ways, please give us a call. The Rewards are right here.

Not an oil & gas company? If you need our services, give us a call anyway!

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